Different Types of Colon Cleansing - Which is Right for You?

Types of Colon Cleansing A colon cleanse is simply a natural method of cleaning toxins and dangerous toxin build up from your intestines.  People choose colon cleansing for many reasons, but the main advantage is being able to live a healthier, more productive life. The following paragraphs will provide some valuable insight on the different types of colon cleanse including: colon hydrotherapy, herbal colon cleanse and oxygen based colon cleanse.

Colon hydrotherapy is the procedure of flushing the colon out with warm water via a plastic tube. This procedure should be performed by a licensed professional for the best results, and for safety reasons. This method of colon cleanse flushes the large intestine, and all instruments used in this procedure are required to be FDA approved in order to ensure sanitary conditions.

A herbal cleanse is another method of cleansing your colon. A herbal cleanse will commonly contain psyllium, that cause your stool to get larger in volume. This procedure will also cause the colon to contract, thus relieving constipation. One disadvantage associated with this type of colon cleanse is it will not be super effective in removing impacted feces from the colon.

Finally, the last colon cleansing method we will look at is oxygen based colon cleansing . This type of colon cleanse is often considered most effective, and are normally taken orally, in capsule form. This type of colon cleansing method uses activated oxygen, which is a vital element for every living cell, to remove impacted fecal matter from your body. These capsules are extremely helpful in relieving constipation, but are also safe to use on a long term basis, to cleanse and rejuvenate your colon and over all health.  When used as a way of relieving constipation, you never have to worry about discomfort or dehydration when using oxygen based colon cleaning treatments. When using this method to treat any colon dysfunction, you will not have to worry about many of the risks and side effects associated with pharmaceutical methods of colon cleansing.

If you are searching for a method of colon cleaning to best fit you individually, it is best to do some research, and gain some knowledge about the different methods you can choose from. It is very important to totally understand each colon cleansing method available before making a final decision.