Simple Steps for a Natural Colon Cleanse

The colon is a very vital part in our digestive system. However, it is being exposed to a lot of toxins. This is the area where the foods we eat become feces. They all pass through the colon before being eliminated. As the foods’ nutrients get absorbed, they are all just remnants containing toxins upon reaching the colon area. That makes it very prone to health problems.
7 Easy Steps for a Natural Colon Cleanse
In most cases, even if we are eliminating bowel regularly, there are still bits of feces that are not being flushed out of the digestive tract. These will later infect the digestive system due to the harmful toxins they carry. What we need to do is perform a cleansing method in order to get rid of the trapped remnants of digested food.

We can perform a natural colon cleanse in our homes. This will just require a few simple steps that will help us rinse out all the unwanted impurity inside the digestive tract.

Steps for Natural Colon Cleanse

  1. First, decide how long you can take the cleansing procedure. This can take up to 4 weeks depending on the person. Just make sure that your body is strong enough to tolerate the colon cleansing. This actually takes weeks of fasting from certain foods. Weak and unhealthy people need to consult their doctor first to see what procedure is better for them.
  2. Decline from eating salty foods, meat, coffee, alcohol, refined sugars, junk foods and other with saturated fats. These foods will only interrupt the cleansing. It is actually these foods that cause all the toxin buildups. That is why it is best to stay away from the while you are currently performing it.
  3. Drink at least two liters of water each day. Water will help you flush all the remnants needed to be washed out of the intestines. Herbal teas can also be taken as well.
  4. Drink any liquid containing flaxseed, psyllium husk or bentonite. Just add them into your drink once in the morning and another before going to bed. These are very effective anti-oxidants which will help flush all the toxins out of the intestines.
  5. Eat fibrous vegetables and fruits like melons, papaya, spinach, apples, celery, beets and carrots. Fibers are good in flushing out the remnants from the colon. Also make sure that these fruits and vegetables are raw. Stay away from any cooked foods while you are cleansing. Cooked foods lose some of its nutrients due to heat.
  6. Drink probiotic supplements. This will help replenish the good bacteria in your intestinal tract so that you will replace the flushed nutrients due to the cleansing.
  7. Create a salt water enema or use colonic in order to have an effective flushing of the toxins out.

These steps for natural colon cleanse can be performed by anyone. It is safe. However, expect some side effects like weakness, vomiting and diarrhea. These are all effects of the natural colon cleanse, and only shows that it is already working.