Better Health Through Colon Detox

Improve Your Health with Colon Detox. Inelegantly called the garbage dump of the human body, the colon is an essential element in the detox process. This long hollow tube wrapped in muscle is a key element in achieving and maintaining optimal health. One half of this amazing organ gets rid of materials the body cannot use or absorb and compact them into fecal matter; equally important is the other half of the colon which absorbs fluids and nutrient and sends them back into the blood stream. A program of colon detox results in overall improved immunity, regular bowel movements, and better health.

There are several factors that contribute to high toxicity levels in our bodies. One is the environment in which we live; air and water pollutants are higher than ever before and even the food we eat is tainted by the chemicals sprayed on fruit and vegetables and the growth hormones and antibiotics given to the animals we feed upon. Although we can’t get away from the overload on our bodies, we can help our immune system out by implementing a regular colon detox program.

There can be several elements in a sensible body detoxification diet. Use moderation and ease into the program slowly so as not to cause undue stress in your effort to rid your body of toxic chemicals. They didn’t come home to roost in one night and it just isn’t possible to rid yourself of all toxins in one fell swoop.

Hydrotherapy is one of the quickest methods of colon detox and the only one that eliminates hardened waste from both upper and lower halves of the large intestine. This method should be employed by a licensed, experienced professional and involves flushing the colon with 20 to 30 gallons of water a session.

Enemas are helpful in maintaining the clearance of the lower colon once fecal matter has been removed from the upper level. Coffee enemas, warm water enemas, and clay enemas are the most popular varieties. These are good for constipation issues and result in an overall feeling of good health. Fiber and herbal treatments are other good elements in a colon detox lifelong plan.