Health Benefits of Detox Diets

Fresh fruits and vegetables. A detox diet is a method which helps remove dangerous toxins inside our body for optimum health.

There are actually many types of detox diets. You can do this by eating raw food, fruits and vegetables and also by mixing some chemicals together which are all designed to increase the frequency of your bowel movements and urination. It is best to consult your doctor if you decide to try any.

You might not buy any detox diet if you don’t feel anything wrong but studies suggest that something will go wrong eventually when there is a build up of these harmful chemicals in your body.

Most of us only take action when we experience a impaired immune function, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency and an inefficient metabolism but why wait when prevention is the best defense against any problem.

This is the common mistake of a lot of people who visit the doctor only when they don’t feel so good.

Apart from expelling harmful chemicals the detox diet has a lot of benefits. It also help improves your concentration, digestion and energy. You will even notice that you have clearer skin.

One thing you should not forget when you decide to start a detox diet is that there are side effects. Headache is the most common one which occurs during the first few days especially if you regularly drink coffee. It is possible for you to control this by reducing the amount of caffeine you drink until you no longer consume it.

Diarrhea if untreated is another side effect that can lead to dehydration and electrolyte loss. Constipation which is the opposite may also happen. By drinking lots of fluids you can prevent both from happening . Other side effects associated with a detox diet are fatigue, acne, hunger, irritability and weight loss.

There are a few things people must know about a detox diet

When Did You Last Detox? First of all, not everyone can go on a detox diet and this includes nursing or pregnant women as well as children.

If in case you are diagnosed with any eating disorder, anemia, autoimmune disease, cancer, terminal illness, certain genetic diseases, diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disease, and other chronic conditions you should try detoxification only under the supervision of primary care provider.

The detox diet plan is for a short term period because if this is done for a longer period, it may result in nutrient deficiencies specifically protein deficiency which is why this should only be done once or twice a year.

For those who are taking medication, seek medical advice before taking a detox diet.

You can go back to your eating habits with a few changes like eating more fruits and vegetables once the detox diet is over.

There are people willing to try diet to detoxify the body even if they believe that this can be good for them.

Now that you are aware what a detox diet is, you can decide whether you want to try this on yourself or not. But before you do it, consult a doctor first to check your overall health condition so you can be sure that it is safe for you.