Why Do We Need To Detox?

To feel relaxed and full of energy, to be mentally,
physically and emotionally healthy!

Detoxification and Colon Cleansing for Good Health and Vitality. Even if we stuff our bodies full of the wrong kinds of food, the body has its own “defence mechanism” and tries to get rid of the inappropriate substances. This automatic cleansing mechanism is switched on all the time. All we have to do is actively help it along, so when we do a detoxification cure, afterwards the body will automatically realign itself to be as healthy as possible, and if we feed it the right kind of foods, we can keep the body working well, and save us from lots of health complications, which come from the food additives, etc..

People who tell us not to believe in the detoxification and colon cleansing, do not know what they are talking about.

They are not in the picture, because the body spends a lot of time and energy, getting rid of all the useless additives, (they may not be poisonous, as such, we are not saying that) but a lot of elimination goes into getting rid of those substances that the body does not like, and knows it has to eliminate, thus wasting time and lot of energy, which could be put to much better use.

Apart from the fact that the body stores toxins or substances that it recognises as “toxins” (or substances, it has no use for), in the fat cells, thus cellulite rears its ugly head.

If you take control of the intake of foodstuffs, and or, you detox, you will have positive results:

  • You take back to control over the substances that enter your body.
  • You can balance the enzymes, vitamins.
  • With the program the body is triggered to start letting go of the stored waste products.
  • The body is encouraged to get used to using its own cleansing programs.
  • With the elimination of toxins, the energy level rises, because the body is left cleaner, thus the energy resource is not tied up in storing the toxins, and can be turned to more productive work, such as mending tissues etc.