Colon Cleaning: The Contrasts Between An Enema and Colonic Irrigation

Colon Cleaning: Enemas VS. Colonic Irrigation. Even though both procedures, enemas and colonic irrigation, are forms of colon hydrotherapy, there are some notable differences between these two.

Firstly, the procedure for giving an enema involves only a small bag of enema solution. This is attached to a speculum. However, during a colonic irrigation, an irrigating machine is used. The machine used during colonic irrigation, not only controls the amount of liquid entering the anus, but also the temperature of the liquid.

However, an enema bag does not allow control over the quantity or temperature of the solution. This machine would also be responsible for removing any waste, as it is sent out through the colon. The waste will be kept in a private chamber where the patient cannot view it. When you would like your colon cleaned, what would you prefer? One procedure that cleans only the lower half of the colon, or another procedure that can clean your insides thoroughly.

Colonic irrigations as a form of hydrotherapy is preferred when gastro-intestinal problems are occurring, leaving the whole intestine affected. This is usually normal when most illnesses that affect the digestive system. However an enema can be used to act locally on the lower intestine when a problem is occurring in this area. This is why more alternative health providers are keen to recommend colonic irrigation over an enema.

Another difference between being given an enema and undergoing colonic irrigation is the quantity of the liquid used. An enema will use very little liquid used while during the colon irrigation session, a larger volume of water is used.

One of the main differences that is most noticeable about an enema versus colonic irrigation is the area cleaned. For the purposes of colon cleansing, it is necessary to have a procedure that cleans the entire colon. An enema only cleans as far as the anus, rectum, and the lower part of the large intestine. However, colonic irrigation, because it uses a machine, and a larger quantity of water, is able to clean the entire colon.