Colon Cleansing In Preparation For A Colonoscopy

Colon Cleansing In Preparation For A Colonoscopy. Doctors nowadays are recommending that men nearing and beyond their forties get regular colonoscopies as a preventative measure for more serious problems such as looking for tumors and prostate issues. Before one receives this procedure, however, the doctor will often instruct a patient to engage in some form of colon cleansing prior to arriving for the appointment. Here are some common ways of achieving a clean colon to make sure that your colonoscopies get good results and are as infrequent as necessary.

Firstly, make sure your diet and lifestyle is promoting good colon health. Especially when males hit this sensitive age, it is more important than ever that they are not over-indulging in fats and greasy fried foods and are concentrating on getting proper levels of fiber. It is also important that they stay active and avoid growing too large around the midsection. A diet high in protein will promote muscle growth and often makes getting in shape a lot easier for any person of any age. Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables are important for colon health as well, which is responsible for fueling recent hot trends such as pomegranate and acai berries.

Beyond diet and exercise, however, one will often also be asked to use an enema before receiving a colonoscopy. This is nothing to worry about, however, as self-administered enemas are now readily available at pharmacies, eliminating the awkward necessity of having another person administer it. A modern enema can often leave you feeling quite refreshed afterwards. Its hygiene benefits are important to consider even if you don’t have a pending appointment.

So whether it’s your first time receiving a colonoscopy or you’ve been through the motions before, these simple methods will ensure that your results will be as good as they can be. Hopefully, they will also help keep yourself out of the doctor’s office and on your feet!