Colon Health: Dealing with IBS

Colon Health: Dealing with irritable bowel syndrome. Many people are suffering with irritable bowel syndrome and do not even know that they have it. It is very important to maintain good colon health to keep you performing at your best. Irritable bowel syndrome is a painful condition that involves such unpleasant symptoms as: bloating in the abdominal area, backaches, fatigue and nausea, loss of appetite, spastic colon and heartburn.

It seems that your nerves and stress play an important role with this type of illness. It has been shown that stressful situations can aggravate the condition. Below are three simple steps that you can follow to ensure you are healthy as well as your colon to help alleviate your symptoms.

The first thing you want to do is to get your bowel to calm down.
It seems that one of the fastest methods for doing this is by using something such as the herb Slippery Elm. Simply use just a teaspoon of this powdered bark with some cold water in a cup, then top it off with some hot water to make a porridge drink.

This has been shown to offer fast relief as it calms, nourishes and sooths all within an hour. This has been shown to work for most everyone and so far there are no reports of anyone showing an allergic reaction to this herb. It has been shown to provide great nourishing properties in those with illnesses including children and the elderly as well.

Some people just can’t stomach the drink so there is also a pill form available. You also want to be sure to replace your intestinal flora as well because this can be lost quite rapidly with sever bouts of IBS.

Your next step would be to build up the nerves.
There are also alternative medicines available to help you build up your nerves to better deal with stress when it comes. Such treatments may include homeopathy, herbs or acupuncture, which all have been proven effective.

Some examples of good herbs to use may be to do a 3 month course to boost your nervous system with something like vervain, scullcap, hops and wood betony. You may also want to use such herbs as borage for the adrenal gland as this will help the nervous system immensely particularly if your stress has been on the long term side.

Finally, be sure to address any underlying health issues.
If you are suffering from another illness then this will surely make it more difficult to build up your nerves to help correct the IBS. It is important to keep up your general health and to watch for signs of slow recovery and fatigue.

If this occurs you may want to check with alternative practitioner for alternative treatments. You want to be sure to keep the colon healthy and keep it from being irritated as this can worsen your condition and symptoms.

Since doctors believe that there is no real cause for this condition it makes it hard to treat but by following the above steps you can be well on your way to dealing with it.